13 Things I wish I’d Done differently at 22 | Guide for a Perfect Life

Twenty- two is the age when you are no more a teenager and you don’t have much experience like a fully grown up adult with mature thinking. At some point you may feel like there are so many things you have seen and there is much more you need to accomplish. The enthusiasm, passion and society pressure that you have after finishing your college, before stepping into real professional world gives you mixed emotion of I am 22 what should i do with my life.So, it’s okay to make some mistakes even in your 22 for mistakes are  the best teachers. But there are certain things which if you avoid in 22 will make your life more sorted. Here is a list of things you should do when you turn 22.

13 things you should do in 22 to make life better and sorted:-

1. Saying “yes” when you know you can’t follow through.

2. Know the decisions made in the past don’t define you forever.

3. Be pickier with unpaid work.

4. Be less of a b*tch to your parents.

5. Negotiate!

6. Be smarter about how you bought clothes.

7. Accept that every friend will not last.

8. Saying “no” to certain jobs.

9. Put more thought in the living space.

10. Relax about the social media race.

11. Take on more side projects.

12. Appreciate time you had with your college friends.

13. Remember that your identity is fluid!

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